Received Pronunciation | Accents and Dialects | Opgave

Study! Crystal On Standard English Accent Key

1. What is received pronunciation/RP?
2. How did RP come into being?
3. What is characteristic of Cockney as opposed to RP? Give examples.
4. Who speak RP nowadays?
5. How is RP looked upon today?
6. What is characteristic of the accent that people speak in England today?

“Received pronunciation” is an accent of Standard English in the United Kingdom and is defined as “the standard accent of English as spoken in the south of England”


RP enjoys high social prestige in Britain and was being thought of as the accent of those with power, money, and influence, though it may be perceived negatively by some as being associated with undeserved privilege.

It started when rich people with high social prestige wanted to speak in a different way from the other people from the working-class.

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