Prime Effects of Trumps ‘America First’ policy | Essay

Generally speaking, Donald Trump's “America First” policy has had a good impact on the American Economy, but is it as great as he claims it to be?

Research shows that Trump's affection on the American Economy, might not be the greatest in U.S. history, which he claims it to be (3).

Trump's interpretation of "America First" is about advancing America's interests and protecting the American economy.

“In January this year, the unemployment rate was 3.6%. It was more than fifty years ago, in December 1969, when the unemployment rate was lower at 3.5%.

As for the numbers in employment, almost seven million more people were recorded as employed in January this year than when Mr. Trump was elected in November 2016. (1)”

This statement from the U.S. Bureau of labor statistics shows that Trump's inference with the American labor market, have had a strong effect on the unemployment rate. Since Trump took office in 2016, he has brought 6,7 million people to jobs.

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