Prime Effects of Trumps “America First” policy | Engelsk Opgave

Generally speaking, Donald Trump's “America First” policy has had a good impact on the American Economy, but is it as great as he claims it to be?
Research shows that Trump's affection on the American Economy, might not be the greatest in U.S. history, which he claims it to be (3). Trump's interpretation of "America First" is about advancing America's interests and protecting the American economy. Trump does that by, for example, putting extra tariffs on foreign goods to boost the production of local products.

It's also about giving tax breaks to U.S. companies, to give them incentives to create jobs in the U.S. instead of outsourcing to countries with cheaper labor and lower tax rates. Generally reducing the country's involvement in other countries' policies. Similarly reducing other countries' involvement in U.S. affairs. This has meant, among other things, that the United States has withdrawn from major international cooperation agreements.

“For 2019, the data shows an annual average growth of 2.3%, ending the year at 2.1% for the fourth quarter. This is significantly less than the 5.5% peak achieved in the second quarter of 2014 during the Obama presidency. (1)”

This statement shows that the annual GDP growth under Obama, the previous president of the U.S., is at a much higher level than Trump, Exactly 3,4%. With this statement from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, Trump claims to have created the best economy, that the U.S. has ever seen, fades a bit.

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