Poverty in the UK | Speech | 10 i karakter

Hello Everyone.
My name is Marie Mai Nguyen Madsen, and I am here today, to represent my school, and our debate team.

I am here today because I want to tell all of you, about one of the biggest problems we have in this country, which I am very honored to do.

The theme for this year competition is “UK challenges”, which the most of you, already would know.

The topic I have chosen to speak about today, is poverty in the UK. This is the biggest problem in our country, if you ask me.

The 4 million children that are suffering from the poverty in our country, are going to be increased up to 5 million, according to the investigations and statistics.

It will curse big problems for children if they aren´t being feed regular, it will give serious consequences to their evolvement.

Children need food, if their brains should work functionally on the highest level, which they very much need when they are in school to learn.

The poverty problem is so big, that teachers are experiencing that some parents are charging their phone at the school, because they have no electricity at home.

The primary schools actually have to feed the children for free, because they want to make sure that the children are full in school, so they can learn and evolve.

Some of you today will certainly think, that people who are poor is responsible for their own life, and income. Some investigations actually show that people with a full-time job, and a fixed income have more life quality in their lives.

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