Poverty in the UK | Essay

Hi everyone. My name is Mike Jones, and I am a student at the Imperial College in London. I appreciate being invited here to give my speech on UK Challenges in the light of poverty.

In my speech I am going to account for the increasing poverty in the UK and what possible solutions might be found. I will discuss different attitudes to poverty and possible consequences of the current austerity policies.

I will allow some 5 – 10 minutes for questions at the end of my presentation, so I would be grateful if you could hold any questions until then.

Schoolteachers, children’s centers, and social workers continue to raise alarm bells about children arriving at school hungry or families relying on schools or childcare to ensure that their child receive one hot meal a day.

Lots of poor families in the UK report increasing hunger. We do have a lot of people who care about their fellow citizens and with this increase in people carrying about poverty comes anti-poverty campaigns

charitable food aid organizations and community centers trying to fill out this gap with people relying on schools or childcare.

The government are not addressing rising hunger, or worse, are exacerbating it, because they believe that full-time work is the solutions to poverty around Britain, as the prime minister spoke about in her part of the discussion.

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