Poverty in the UK | Engelsk Essay | 10 i Karakter

The United Kingdom is a great nation in Europe which millions of people live in. The people depend on their government to help support jobs where the minimum wage will get you through the week.

That’s not the case now, because of badly paid jobs which force people to seek help in food banks funded by charity.

Nothing left in the cupboard

Poverty in the UK is 'systematic' and 'tragic', says UN special rapporteur

Thousands of people struggle to send their kids to school without relying on the schools “one hot meal a day” and childcare to ensure their kids is fed through the day.

This is a scary newly increasing phenomenon which has been focused more on by the current government in office. The United Kingdom is the fifth largest economy in the world and yet, their jobs still don’t pay enough to put food on the table.

They are arriving at school hungry and going to sleep hungry because of the lack in resources coming from the current government.

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