Pill Pusher | Analytical essay

Analytical Essay

The short story starts out with our main character who is a pharmacist. She is standing at the counter in the pharmacy. From the story, we paint a picture of the pharmacist not liking the job at all.

The pharmacist expresses signs of being tired and feeling like being a pharmacist is a waste. The pharmacist thinks that he/she wasted 70.000$ on student loans (ll. 9-15).

The pharmacist then continues to think in her head and begins to look at the line of people.

One man in particular stands out and that is a man with a beanie. The pharmacist thinks he is a drug addict and is going to ask for needles for his grandma (ll. 19-21).

The pharmacist clearly judges the man based on hatred against the job and it is a way to say indirectly that it is an awful job and there are clearly better things to tend to.

A lady also stands out to the pharmacist because of her loudness. She is named Bug eyed lady by the pharmacist in this story.

The bug eyed lady is yelling at the pharmacist that she is taking forever but the bug eyed lady is not even in the line and the pharmacist tells her to get in line. She continues complaining to the point where the pharmacist lets her in front to help the bug eyed lady.

The action the pharmacist takes here is maybe not a smart move but the pharmacist is so done with the job that it does not matter what other people think.

While the bug eyed lady walks up to the pharmacist she takes a snobby look at the line of people and quickly throws a insulting comment at the pharmacist (ll. 23-24). The bug eyed lady comes off as arrogant and she only thinks of herself.

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