‘Pill Pusher’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

The story is written thru the narrator, who is the person that works at the pharmacy. We don’t actually know if the narrator is a woman or a man, but in the text, there is some signs that shows it could be a woman.

Maybe where the narrator compares him/herself to the woman, who is Bug Eyes: “She’s not much older than me - maybe ten years” (l. 95).

I have mentioned that she seems frustrated and annoyed at the costumers. And that goes through almost the entire story, where she is serving a very displeased woman, who doesn’t stand in the line.

The pharmacist telling her to stand in the line, and then the woman gets mad and complains about the waiting time. Therefore, puts the pharmacist her in front of the line. (l. 3-38).

At this time, they both is very mad. The costumer has come to get some medicine to her daughter, because she has a cold.

When the pharmacist finds out, that it is the only thing she need, she gets irritated. “Of course. Her kid has a cold - obviously far more important than anyone else’s prescription.” (l. 44-46).

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