‘Pill Pusher’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter


The story Pill Pusher, by Carolyn A. Drake is about a young woman who is working at a pharmacy and she does not really like the job and she starts to regret that she took that education, both because of the job, but also because she got a big debt.

A lady is being rude and is expecting to get in front of the line. They argue a little and at last, she loses her temper with the costumer.

There is a problem with the costumer’s prescription, so she must take a closer look on it to find the doctor’s phone number.

Assignment 5A

Here we can see that she thinks that she is in the right and that the pharmacist is in the wrong, and this is the part of the reason she is building up the conflict rather than diffusing it.

Soon after, when the pharmacist reads the costumer’s previous notes in the system, she feels guilty and initiates the reconciliation. After the encounter, the pharmacist is a little happier than she was before.

We can see that because after the reconciliation she thinks to herself: “And I smile genuinely for the first time today.” (p.3, l.106)

The short story is written by the perspective of the pharmacist; therefore, we sympathize with her. At first, at least.

The reader understands the pharmacists struggles and especially the frustration she must feel when costumers does not understand that there are a lot of other people, who also needs to be serviced.

We can see that the pharmacist is really tired of the costumer when she thinks to herself: “Self-entitled bitch” (p.1, l. 25).

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