1“Pill Pusher” is a short story by Carolyn A. Drake published in 2016. “Pill pusher” revolves around a pharmacist, working at Walgreens pharmacy.

The main theme of the story is that you should never judge a book by it is cover. “Pill Pusher” begins with the protagonist working at a pharmacy and instructing a lady to wait in line.

The fact that we are aware of the protagonist’s thoughts makes us feel connected to her/him, which also means that we get a closer look to one side of the conflict.

The text mainly consists of dialogue and detailed description of the things or persons the main character is focusing on “Bug-eyed Coach sunglasses shade her from narrow eyebrow to cheek

but her impatient foot tapping has already sent the message: this is an important lady, who has fantastically important things to tend to today.”