Pill Pusher (2016) | Carolyn A. Drake | Analyse


“Pill Pusher” (2016) by Carolyn A. Drake initiates with an exhausted narrator working at a pharmacy. The narrator thinks about her own disappointment as an employee in retail after obtaining her pharmacy degree.

Her exhaustion worsens when she assists an overly impatient woman and tells her to wait in line. Their conversation turns into a heated argument. The pharmacist ends up yelling at the woman.

She gets irritated because of the woman’s inappropriate behavior. But when the main character checks previous comments by doctors she finds out the woman’s daughter has leukemia. She then feels undeniably bad about her own behavior.

She then proceeds to give the woman the medicine and gives her a tip for her daughter’s nausea to make up for her poor behavior. After the woman exits, the pharmacist smiles genuinely for the first time.

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