A young child can have a lot of unheard feeling and emotions. Kids also have a very good fantasy which could sometimes lead to something good and other times to something not so good.

A negative thought in a child’s head about someone could have a lot of consequences for everyone around the person and the child. In this story we hear about Gavin who does not like his mother because she prefers his sister over him. He feels like he is just a second priority in his mother’s life and he actually want’s her dead.

He makes up all kinds of different fantasies in his head just to see his mother out of his life in some kind of way. Luckily in the end of the story he has something on her that could make her disappear from his life forever.

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The title of the story is “out hunting” and it is written in a third-person narrator. It starts in medias res with the narrator telling us about Gavin who is sitting outside his house on the verandah.

Gavin is the main character in the story, and we hear everything from his perspective. He is a thin twelve-year old boy with unusually thick eyebrows that made his face seem older than what it really was.

Gavin had an older sister named Amanda, but she was at a boarding school in England. He has a lot of negative feelings about his sister Amanda, because when she turned fifteen and came back for holiday, she did not want to spend time with Gavin at all.