One friday morning | Essay | Langston Hughes

The short story” One Friday Morning” by Langston Hughes was published in 1941. The short story is about a colored student named Nancy Lee, who is living in America and is in her senior year of an art high school.

To begin with, she won a big scholarship for her art piece, but as the committee found out, she was colored, the award was taken away from her.

She feels very unfairly treated when she finds out why she was not going to win and get the scholarship, which is very understandable.

Then there is Miss O’Shay, who is the vice-principal of the school, and the person to bring Nancy Lee the bad news. Besides that, she had an Irish background and was

from Nancy’s point of view, a very sweet person: (p. 3 l. 79) “Miss O’Shay had a way of making you feel welcome, even if you came to be expelled.” Even though she had to expel a student, she was kind.

Miss Dietrich is the next person and is Nancy’s art teacher, who is her inspiration and influence to make her art in her way, and not just make art as all others do.

(p. 2 l. 48) “and had bloomed into a miraculous being with Miss Dietrich’s help”. She brings out the best version of her students and is an elderly white woman.

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