One Friday morning | Analytical Essay

How would you feel, if you were treated differently because of race and the color of your skin? Move from the Deep South to the North, just to have the same opportunities as others.

This is the feeling that Nancy Lee experiences in the short story One Friday morning made by Langston Hughes, 1941.

The main character in the short story is Nancy Lee Johnson. Nancy Lee is an African American and she is not ashamed of her background.

“Nancy Lee was proud of being American, a Negro American with blood out of Africa a long time ago, too many generations back to count.” (p. 2 ll. 22-23).

As the quote tells us Nancy Lee is just a young normal person in America who feels comfortable even though she has a different background than the others.

But Nancy is also a fighter. In school, she won a scholarship, but because of her skin color, she was not allowed to receive the prize.

So, she wants to fight for other black people “But when woman, fight to see these things don’t happen to other girls as this has happened to me.” (p. 5 ll. 131-132).

In this quote, Nancy Lee says that she does not want to let this happen to any other black people in America.

The supporting character in the story is Miss O’Shay. She is the person to hand over the scholarship. But also, the person who takes the scholarship back because of Nancy Lee’s skin color.

But Miss O’Shay feels the same way as Nancy Lee, but she has no influence on the rules in relation to the scholarship.” But the premise and 120 the base are here, the lines Declaration of Independence and the words of are here, and the stars our flag.

Those who deny you this scholarship do not know the meaning of those stars, but up to us to make them know”. (p 5. ll. 119-121).

Miss O’Shay is trying to tell Nancy Lee that she does not have any influence on the rules for the scholarship award and that she really likes to give Nancy Lee the scholarship, but that is just not the case here.

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