Not Wanted | Analysis | Maggie Cobbett | 10 i Karakter

The short story “Not Wanted” is written by Maggie Cobbett.
The themes of the short story are Love, Migration, cultural diversity, and pride.

The short story is based around Osman, the protagonist, who is a Turkish boy living in Leeds, the main part of the story is a flashback.

In the short story we get to know Liz who is an English woman who comes to Osman’s hometown. Osman quickly finds himself attracted to Liz

he therefore, asks Liz if she wants to accompany him to a restaurant, she says: “Yes it's a date”. After the date, they start a romantic relationship, which ends with Osman confessing his love for Liz, when she is to leave Turkey and return to Leeds.

Osman is a Turkish male – he is nineteen years old and he is also a hotel worker in the town Iskenderun.

Osman is in the traditional working class, he works in a hotel, which suggests that Osman does not have an education.

Osman’s appearance is appealing he is outgoing and not scared to ask Liz out even though, he is not supposed to.

The following quote shows Osman’s outgoing appearance, and how he wants to represent himself : “Iskenderun has many fine places.

Maybe I can show you? After work?” . Osman’s important values are respect and pride, an example of this is him staying in England even though Liz rejected him

his pride and respect from his surroundings are more important than money and a roof over his head. Osman is more focused on not being embarrassed, rather than to ensure his livelihood, and safety.

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