Nighthawk | Essay

Looking at the younger couple made me remember everything, from the scents to the cold silky fabric floating down her body.

I remember her scent hitting me as she pushed her hair behind her ear. My heart skipped and I froze. She laughed, and when I first saw her face, I knew that I had to speak to her.

Even if she declined me, I would have been happy with the thought of having spoken with the most beautiful women I had ever seen. The bar was filled to the edge, the air foggy from the cigarettes and cigars.

I could feel my heart pumping along with the music and the alcohol running through my veins making my head dizzy. My heart craved her, I needed to hear her voice and as confident as I could be, I started walking towards her.

I think she noticed me, our eyes made contact for a brief moment. Her eyes were seducing and I had to pull myself together using almost all of my willpower so I wouldn’t freeze.

I stood beside her, leaning against the bar. Our bodies were only inches from touching. I could feel the adrenalin, pumping trough my body. I pretended that I hadn’t noticed her yet. I could feel her eyes on me while I ordered a martini.

She seemed so calm. I made eye contact and as if she knew what I was going to ask, she said, “Martini, shaken, not stirred” without breaking the eye contact. “You heard her,” I said to the bartender, being slightly arrogant.

I handed her the drink and watched her lips gently touching the edge of the glass.

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