Michelle Obama’s Speech | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Michelle Obama, former first lady and wife to former President Barack Obama. She too is very known for her public speaking skills, particularly her speeches concerning the immense importance of education.

This particular speech, which was delivered in 2013 at the Bell Multicultural High School in Washington, will be thoroughly analyzed together with an assessment of whether the communication is efficient and appropriate when addressing the intended audience.

The sender of the speech was no other the famous Michelle Obama. 54 years of age from Chicago. She has accomplished loads of noteworthy stuff, such as attending and graduating from Princeton University and Harvard Law, despite not coming from money.

Michelle Obama was, at the time of the speech, the First Lady, thereby already having an established ethos as a spokesperson, furthermore it added to her ethos, that the intended receivers, who were “DC High School Sophomores” (Obama, p1, l 1), could identify themselves with Michelle Obama’s backstory, due to fact she is of a different culture, just like the many students at the “Multicultural High School”.

Michelle Obama uses this kind of linguistic features, to create a rhythm, which has been proven to “…significantly affecting the mood of the audience”-Matrix Blog.

This was undeniably important, seeing that she was talking about all the people putting a countless number of hours into making higher education more available to those who, previously wanted it, but could not.

Those people were represented by the audience, those people were the audience. When Michelle Obama spoke that, it created a kind of hope, because they knew now, that people were fighting for their wishes, desires and dreams.

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