On the 18 august 2020 Michelle Obama deliver her speech to the Democratic National Convention. She calls out for the people to vote in the election, and not just vote, but vote on the right president, Joe Biden.

The problems in America need to be handle correctly and that’s what Michelle Obama says that Joe Biden can do better than Donald Trump.

This paper contains an analyze of modes of persuasion, linguistic features and whether Michelle Obama has come up with a successful speech.

Michelle Obama gives her speech at the Democratic National Convention on 18 august 2020. In her speech, she speaks on the current state of America and some of the problems.

She mentions some of the biggest problems as the Black Lives Matter and COVID-19. Michelle Obama shows sympathy for the Americans and shows she cared about them. Her most important point in the speech is the importance of voting.

She uses a lot of pathos. She uses it to hit the listener’s emotions. She says, “A president's words have the power to move markets. They can start wars or broker peace”.

She means that people could choose between a president who wants nothing for America or a president who fights for America. She uses pathos when she starts talking about the big pandemic COVID-19.

She mentions how many people who have lost health care, how many who cannot pay for basic stuff like food, and to many has lost their jobs, just because their president downplayed for too long.

The situation with Black Life Matters where people get killed because of their color is still a big thing, she says, “Black life matters is still met with derision from the nation's highest office”.

Michelle Obama means that if we look to the White House where Donald Trump is, we cannot see leadership or consolation, there is only chaos, division, and lack of empathy.

Michelle Obama knows that her speech will not be heard by some people, because a Black woman on Democratic Convention is not right.