The text is a speech written by the former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama. The speech took place in a school in her hometown Chicago on February 28, 2013.

In short, the text is about how much you have to believe in yourself, and that you can always become something no matter where you come from or grew up (P 1, LL 8-10).

The speech starts with her being very introduced and showing this care, in that she repeatedly says she cares about them and believes in them. She then delves into school, life, and the future despite all the haters, she also uses many of her own life experiences in the speech (P 1, LL 24-27).

The text is very formal and simple, in that the receivers are children and teenagers. She uses a very light and warm tone in the text, as well as many repetitions, she also uses some rhetorical questions, which makes students listen more and they think thereby it is more interesting.