Michelle Obama speech | Analysis

Does Michelle Obama get her message through to the young generation?

The speech is by the former first lady Michelle Obama. It is held at Bell Multicultural High School in Washington D.C. She speaks to the sophomores of the school.

In the speech, she is focusing on getting the kids to realize, that they need to get some kind of higher education than just high school.

She is using anaphora as one of her rhetorical devices. She is using the repetition of “they’ve been” three times in a row.

“they’ve been fighting to strengthen your schools and to support your teachers”. “they’ve been working hard to make college more affordable for all young people….”.”

they’ve been working with parents, teachers, administrations, community leaders all across…” (l.47-52). It focusses on, that as a team, they are fighting for the young people’s future.

And only as a team they can reach their goal to get America back as the number one country in college graduates.

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