MeToo | Essay | 10 i karakter

Sexual harassment is a problem and has always been a problem. The reason people have not realized that it was a problem is due to it not being addressed.

But now the topic of sexual harassment is a big thing on social media and people all around the world have shared their experience with sexual assault.

This essay will look into this new #MeToo and how good it is that people are finally speaking up.

The #MeToo campaign is great and has helped a lot of women, but men oh the men are not happy, or at least not all men.

Some men are mad because they say that they would never do that to a woman, so they do not think that it is okay that the #MeToo campaign makes it sound like it is all men who do this.

And no, it is not all men, but it sure as hell is A LOT of men! So, what gives them the right to be mad about the campaign?

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