McDonalds Questions | Engelsk opgave

Questions for McDonald’s page 6-27. 27 spørgsmål besvaret i alt.

1.What are the four guiding principles of McDonald's?

The four guiding principles of McDonalds are: Service, cleanliness, success, quality and
value - Also shorted down to QSC&V.

2.What was a carhop?

The customers came and ordered food, and then they waited for it at a car park. The waiters came with the customers food, and they were called carhops.

3. Explain the concept of” choice” as a way of attracting customers.

When you don’t give customers that big of af choice, it meant that the costumers meals would be made much faster and it would be much cheaper & easier.

4. How did McDonald's become a family restaurant?

The teenagers began to find other places to go to, because the carhops got fired from McDonalds. But also, they made their food much cheaper so that a family could pay for the food - and they still made a financial gain by doing that.

5. Give an account of Mac and Dick McDonald's early experiences with franchising.

The hygiene and food quality quickly dropped, when they sold the 15 franchises. The two brothers had a hard time controlling that the franchises followed the McDonalds way. Some tried to change the name, and others changed the menu.

6. What was Ray Kroc employed to do?

Ray Kroc got hired to control, and sell franchises in the United States.

7. How does a McDonald's franchise work these days?

You start off with paying 40.000 as a fee, and then you get the right to have a McDonalds restaurant for 20 years. You get support and training from managers, but you have to hire the staff and buy all the things for the restaurant.

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