Assignment 1
Lyt til videoen ”Britishness and national identity”.
Find og skriv et eksempel på et verballed i hver af følgende tider:

Assignment 2
Besvar opgave a, b, c og d med udgangspunkt i nedenstående tekststykke. Brug relevant grammatisk terminologi.

Assignment 3

Assignment 4B
“May the Best Man Win”- Analytical Essay
- Setting
- Characterization
- Patti Rooney:
- Patti’s mother:
- Fitz (Patti’s boyfriend):
- Reds:
- Berbick:
- The King:
- The kings’ men:
- Theme:
- Message:

I applaud the proliferation of reading lists around issues of race and the spike in sales for the work of black authors — people could and should be better informed.

But we did not read our way into this and we won’t read our way out. The racism we are dealing with isn’t a question of a few bad apples but a contaminated barrel. It’s a systemic problem and will require a systemic solution.

This is a crucial moment. The nature of the protests thus far has been primarily symbolic - targeting statues and embassies, taking a knee and raising a fist.

That ought not to be dismissed. Symbols should not be disregarded as insubstantial. They denote social value and signify intent.

But they should not be mistaken for substance either, lest this moment descend into a noxious cocktail of posturing and piety.

Concrete demands do exist. All Black Lives UK, for example, has called for the scrapping of section 60, which gives the police the right to stop and search, and the abolition of the Met police’s gangs’ matrix, an intelligence tool that targets suspected gang members.

It also wants measures to address health disparities, particularly relating to black women and mental health, and the implementation of reviews that already exist, including the Lammy Review

(on racial disparities in the criminal justice system), the Timpson Review (on school exclusions), and the McGregor-Smith review (race in the workplace).


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