Assignment 1
Lyt til videoen ”Britishness and national identity”.
Find og skriv et eksempel på et verballed i hver af følgende tider:

Assignment 2
Besvar opgave a, b, c og d med udgangspunkt i nedenstående tekststykke. Brug relevant grammatisk terminologi.

Assignment 3

Assignment 4B
“May the Best Man Win”- Analytical Essay
- Setting
- Characterization
- Patti Rooney:
- Patti’s mother:
- Fitz (Patti’s boyfriend):
- Reds:
- Berbick:
- The King:
- The kings’ men:
- Theme:
- Message:

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The short story is called “May the Best Man Win” and is written by Kit De Waal. The story tells us about a woman that works in a bar and is almost only surrounded by black men, until one day a group of white men show up .

They came with a Tv to watch a boxing match. The storyline happens in 1981 in Birmingham.

At that time, there were not so many white people, and Patti was surprised to see them walking in the bar.

The only white people were Patti and Stella, who considered herself a black woman in all but hue.

She said that because she has been living in Delroy for a very long time. The white men that came in the bar, were not just ordinary people, it was the king and his men .

The match started at some point in the story and every man in the bar was excited to see it.

Everyone was shouting and chanting for Ali, except one man. His was called Reds. He told the king that he supported the other boxer because he was from his “parish”.