Marketing Written | Assignment Convenience products

Task 1 - Redegør for markedet for convenienceprodukter
Task 2 - Virksomhederne på markedet for convenienceprodukter bliver påvirket af forskellige omverdensfaktorer.
Task 3 - Foretag en brancheanalyse med fokus på måltidskasser.
Task 4 - Diskuter følgende udsagn:
Task 5 - Identificere en væsentlig udfordring for Aarstiderne på conveniencemarkedet. Diskuter mulige løsninger af den valgte udfordring.

Aarstiderne is one mealbox out of many in the convenience market, and new entrants of the market keeps coming up.

This can be a big challenge for the Aarstiderne. If we take a look at the Porters 5 forces in task 3, we came to the conclusion that there is a lot of new suppliers entering the market for convenience food.

It would both be new suppliers for mealboxes, but also other kind of convenience foods, and they are all a threat to Aarstiderne. I have found two suggested solutions to this challenge. The first one is to develop their products.

If we take a look on The Ansoff Matrix and look at the existing markets and new products we get the category product development. It consists of 3 points.

The first point is replacement of existing products. It would be with benefit, that the company looks at their products, and consider replacing some of their products that sells less, with products that are trending.

This will be a good opportunity for the company to become a better option to the consumers, when they are doing their information search. The next point is renewal of existing products.

It could be an option to renew some of their existing products, if they don ́t have any unpopular products to replace. It doesn ́t necessarily have to be their bestselling products, because the consumers must like them as they are, but maybe the less popular products.

There must be something about the products, that can be renewed, in benefit to their customers, which possibly also will benefit the company in the long term.

It is also important for the company to renew their products, so they keep up with their competitors. The last point is product line extension.

This could also be a great opportunity for Aarstiderne, because this could attract a wider target group, and would benefit the company.

Here could it also be a great opportunity to use the palisade strategy, so they almost cover the whole market, and therefore reaches out to as many consumers as possible. Besides that, it will also keep competitors distant.

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