Machine Man | Essay | 10 i karakter

Around the world, millions of people go through life without the loving care of a mother, which can lead to an emotional unstable adolescence.

A mother plays a role in your life no one else can. A mother is the emotional backbone when you get hurt and lose control of your emotions. This can be translated to the short story “Machine Man” by Marlish Glorie.

Black Jack is the owner of the car wrecker’s yard. He is not a man of many emotions and he does not like to feel vulnerable. Black Jack uses different kinds of laughs depending on the situation to express what he thinks and feels.

Nut is Paul’s co-worker. We do not hear a lot about Nut, however he is one giving Paul the idea of “kidnapping” an old lady, and he also helps Paul writing a card to the lady, because Paul cannot write.

Iris is the old lady Paul kidnaps from the nursing home. She has white long hair pulled back into a bun. Iris seems quite clueless of the situation.

She probably enjoyed having a visitor, as one of the nurses says she has not had a visitor since she has been at the nursing home.

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