Machine Man | Analytical Essay | 10 i karakter

In this analytical essay, I will be analyzing the short story called ‘’Machine Man’’ with focus characterization, narration and point of view, theme and message.

The short story is written by Marlish Glorie.Glorie is an Australian novelist and short story writer, she also teaches creative writing.

As of right now she has two published novels, and she is currently working on getting her third novel published.

The story has a first-person narrator, as the story is told through Paul’s point of view, therefor it is also a subjective point of view.Our view on the other characters in the story is based on how the narratorunderstands them, or how he wants us to know them.

As a reader we feel connected to Paul, as we get to know all of his thoughts. It does not take much to affect him, an example of that is when Nut tells him to go and pinch an old lady from the nursing home.‘’Go kidnap one,' said Nut.

Jack and Nut couldn't stop laughing at the joke. But I thought it was a good idea.’’ (p.2 l.60) This comment sticks with him, and it is later that night he decides to visit the nursing home for

Mother’s Day. Here Paul show that he is very bad at navigating between right from wrong.

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