Machine Man | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Living in caravan for several years with no other propositions rather than working for a car wrecker’s who’s owner is Black Jack and who at the same time is the best buddy of the main character in this short story

is the reality for the Machine Man whose name is Paul. Paul is a man whose age is 19 and is called the Machine Man because of all the piercings he got all over his face.

He lives alone and eats mostly frozen meals, one day he is fronted with a dilemma where he feels lonely because he doesn’t have a mom like the one

he saw in the TV. After this he decides to kidnap and old women from and elderly home who he decides to call mom.

Black Jack is the boss and the best friend of Paul at the same time because he took care of him when he run away from his home. He has a very special method of expressing himself through laughing at everything.

Nut is the other guy who works with Paul, stripping written-off cars for different parts to sell, he is a bit crazy due to the idea he comes up with when talking with Black Jack and Paul.

The old lady who Paul kidnaps form the elderly home and then calls her mom, does not say so much. Iris is her name and she is seeming cool with Paul taking her to the caravan and making a good Mother’s Day for her and Paul.

She is probably tired of being all day long in the elderly and therefore decides that it is ok that Paul calls her for mom, while really, they don’t know each other.

Then there is also a secondary character who is the nurse in the elderly who talks with Paul, she is surprised of seeing Iris having a visitor but still, doesn’t say anything to Paul for taking her out.

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