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Every child needs a good parent or someone close to look up to. This is one of the most important things for a secure and safe childhood, that without a doubt will affect the child for the rest of its life.

This comes to show in a survey made by The Prince’s Trust who found that: “Teenagers without parental role model are 67% less likely to get a job” .

As earlier mentioned the main character of the story is Paul. He is 19 years old and lives in a caravan in the auto wreckers yard, where he also works.

His physical appearance is described a couple of times during the story as the following quotes show: “…TV wouldn't want a kid with bits of metal thingmajings hanging off him

not to mention the dyed orange hair and half his arse hanging out the back of his dacks. “ and “feeling the metal piercings in my face” .

Other than that Paul is described indirectly through his thoughts and actions. The piercings however, are also the reason why his boss Black Jack calls him machine man.

But the nickname and title have a deeper meaning than just that. Paul has no real family since he at a young age ran away from his mom:

“I was always running away from her until the day Black Jack scooped me up and gave me a home. “ . Black Jack has since Paul’s mother abandoned him been given Paul some sort of adult attention

but he has mainly been hard on him: “he grabbed hold of me by my T-shirt and hauled me up so I was real close to him… “ . This has led Paul with no family

and he therefore considers materialistic things such as his TV as his family: “The television set is my family.” .

Paul’s outer appearance can therefore also be seen as a young boy’s desperate cry for attention and love from other humans.

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