‘Let’s Be Honest, Gun Control Opponents’ | Analytical essay

Thinking about mass shootings as being a recurring event seems completely unrealistic to us Euro-peans.

Sadly, it is reality for millions of people in the United States, where the discussion about gun control is an enormous source of disagreement amongst American citizens.

Mass shootings happen almost every day and kills thousands of people, and though the rest of the world might wonder why guns has not been banned, many Americans are afraid that they will not be able to protect them-selves without their guns.

He ridicules the recipients for their argument on why they oppose gun control and talks down to them, emphasizing his disagreement with their beliefs.

Laure uses direct argumentation and argues using specific events revolving mass shootings:
“Surely you don’t expect elementary school students like those at Sandy Hook to be carrying guns.”

Here, mentioning previous school shootings is used as a rhetorical device as the sender uses ethos to strengthen his credibility. It makes the argument valid since we know those events found place and was caused by guns.

Furthermore, the argument is also pathos since it appeals to the recipient’s emotions. Imagining a child carrying a gun to school is not very pleasing, which is what the sender wants the recipients to realize.

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