‘Let’s Be Honest, Gun Control Opponents’ | Analytical essay

With a country almost the size of Europe you can imagine some conflict or division occurring. In America this has been seen many times such as during the civil war or when voting for the next president and it is no exception when the second amendment is brought up and discussed.

This topic seems to have been around forever and it never comes to a closure. In the article, “Let’s Be Honest, Gun Control Opponents” N

ick Laure, discusses openly about gun control opponents’ opinions and gives a clear view on what he believes the people who are advocating for gun rights actually mean when they refuse to give up, what they believe constitution gave them.

Nick Laure’s way of writing is very smart considering what kind of audience he reaches, for even though he directly approaches gun right advocates, as established earlier

it is also to be taken into consideration that the article is published in The Huffington Post; a left-leaning liberal news platform.

It is therefore unlikely that the people he is talking to and about are even reading the text, simply because they are not left-leaning and liberal in their political standpoints.

On the other hand, he is likely to reach a lot of people who agree with him and might even chuckle a bit because of his comical and degrading language such as “This isn’t an action movie. You aren’t Liam Neeson” (p. 2 l. 30) or “You’re not that naive.”

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