The USA is nowadays a country where civilians are able to buy firearms and ammunition as long as they have a license or no criminal record. Therefore, it’s not without any consequences because that amount of firearms orbit in the society makes it difficult to keep track of whose hands, they end up in.

There might also occur a black market where weapons can be brought illegally and for a cheaper price without any demand for a license or a clean record.

With the black-market people who normally aren’t qualified for firearms are able to get some which have contributed to several mass shootings in the USA, and therefore a part of the population has called for a regulation of the gun law.

But that’s not easy to get implemented. Many politicians and civilians in different interest groups support the second amendment and they got no intention to agree on the regulation of the gun-law.

Though the blogpost many rhetorical questions arise, and these are mainly targeting the audience of the gun control opponents. For example: “Let’s consider a kid in Connecticut that wants to shoot up a school.

Do you see him talking to arms dealers in a dark alley downtown? Or would it be more likely to see him taking an assault rifle that one of his parents already legally owns?”.

The way he uses these rhetorical questions and makes fun of the opponents, also makes them seem untrustworthy. To make up for the aggressive tone, sarcasm has been used for example when he says:

“Let me just be clear that I’m specifically addressing those of you that refuse to accept any sort of restrictions or common-sense gun reform”.

The sarcasm has also been used to make the opponent's main arguments seem a little frivolous and untrustworthy.

The quote above once again shows and makes it very clear, that he is being sarcastic, and again pointing out that the gun control opponents’ arguments are ridiculous.