Latino children are scared of Donald Trump | Analytical essay

The text “Why Latino Children Are Scared of Donald Trump” is written by Héctor Tobar. The writer Héctor Tobar is an opinion writer and a Los Angeles author and journalist, he is also a contributing writer for The New York Times opinion pages, and he is a professor at the University of California.

Héctor Tobar´s work consists of examining the evolving and independence between The United States and Latin America. Héctor Tobar is a son of Guatemalan immigrants, and Tobar got his education entirely in California public schools.

The text “Why Latino Children Are Scared of Donald Trump” was published August 18th, 2015 in The New York Times, it was published during the presidential electoral campaign.

The language in the text is simple, so that everyone can read and understand it. In the text there are some Spanish words, but the words are described in the text, which makes the readers feel welcome to their community, the two urban legends described in the text are “There is “La Llorona,” who is said to moan for her dead children.

And more recently the Chupacabra, which sucks the blood from farm animals and maybe a boy or a girl if he or she doesn’t behave.”

The use of Spanish words and legends makes us feel closer to the Latino community, and therefore it’s easier to relate to Latinos, because they welcome us to get some background history of Latinos urban legends.

Tobar uses allusions in his text to promote his message, he indirectly compares Donald Trump with Hitler. “Like certain politicians in the Weimar Republic, he´s found a largely defenseless group to pick on - who also happen to be reviled by a bankable minority of the electorate.”

In this text piece Tobar mentions Weimar Republic which makes us think of Hitler. When we hear the name Hitler, we associate it with dictatorship, the meaning of the word gets transferred to Donald Trump, which makes us think of Donald Trump as a dictator.

Therefore, the author uses Weimar Republic to give assumptions to the readers, to make us see resemblances between Donald Trump and Hitler.

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