Latino children are scared of Donald Trump | Analysis

“Why Latino Children Are Scared of Donald Trump” is an article written by the author Héctor Tobar. The article was published in The New York Times on August 18th in 2015 under the genre the Opinions Pages.

One of the main themes in the essay is fear and racism. These themes especially regard the former president of the United States of America

Donald Trump, and his insulting behavior towards Mexican immigrants and how it affects the young children in the Latino suburbs.

he began his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination with a vicious screed against Mexican immigrants (p.1 l. 7).

The authors' intention with the article is to inform the reader of Donald Trumps' and the republican party’s behavior.

The article was published in The New York Times, which is a democratic newspaper and therefore shares the same view as the author.

The author is can therefore directly speak to the democratic party and emphasize how much harm Donald Trump can make in a community.

The author, therefore, uses forms of appeal in the form of pathos, by trying to convince the receiver of his point of view by appealing to the receiver’s feelings.

An example of the use of pathos is when the author writes this paragraph in the article: “Hugo, a 7-year-old not much taller than a New York City fireplug, is the son of Mexican immigrants.

Too young to understand what Mr. Trump meant when he called immigrants from Mexico “rapists,” Hugo boiled The Donald’s message down to three words: “Mexicans are ugly.” (p.2 l.15)

The use of pathos creates sympathy from the reader and appeals to different kinds of melancholy emotions, such as sadness and hatred towards republicans.

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