‘Last bridge burned’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

What would you do if a stranger appears at your workplace, barefoot after closing hours?

Most regular people, with nothing to lose or a lack of experience in life, would just simply point at the "We are closed" sign and get back to what you were doing before.

The main character of the story is Carlyle. Carlyle a middle-aged man close to sixty years old. Carlyle has his own gas station just outside of Asheville in North Carolina.

Before he had his gas station, Carlyle had had three jobs and have had two wives, but for now, he is single.

Carlyle is a middle-aged man who likes to relax and appreciate the little things, which we can see by this quote:

“Then, as he did every night after closing, Carlyle could sit in the dark on the store’s back porch before going home.

He’d smoke a cigarette and watch headlights pass below on the interstate” (P. 1. L 15-19) This single quote could also tell us about how he is stuck in life

Carlyle does not have any more major plans, he wants to live a normal life, with each action he takes, the risk of potential fail is at its minimum.

In the middle of the story, the stranger (Who is a woman) asks if she can have something to drink, something with some "kick" in it. But Carlyle does not sell alcohol.

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