Kiss | Analytical essay | Elizabeth Baines

This short story “Kiss” was written by Elizabeth Baines in 2019. The essay will contain an analysis and an examination that will give us the best understanding of the short story and how the use of symbols plays a big role in the understanding of the story.

The story is about a terrorist attack going on in central London. The couple (boy and girl) and the terrorist are the main characters.

The couple and the boy were all the same at the start, they all had a traumatic childhood. The girl was a rape survivor “as if he had eyes for no other, as if the night before

when the others were sleeping, he hadn't crept into the girl's room” she was a victim of her father, the man who was meant to be her protector, instead, he failed her, the world failed her.

The boy, who had to face the drastic reality of being a young black man in a world filled with hate and racism, another victim the world has failed, “the young man with the dreadlocks turned towards her, carrying his own past of oppression.”

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