Kiss | Analytical essay

Never judge a book by its cover. You can never really see what’s going on inside their head. Maybe they have abusive parents, just lost someone they loved, or just don’t feel like they belong anywhere but to you they’re just one stranger among many.

Everybody has something that has shaped them into who they are today, whether they know it or not. These things really have an impact on what decisions we make and if they have consequences for other people. This is some of what Elizabeth Baines wants us to think about while reading her short story “Kiss”.

Her in her recovery from anorexia and him dealing with his anger issues they eventually meet at a party in south London Garden. Lastly, there’s the man with the bomb in his backpack.

Unlike the couple, this man did not have the same type of problems. When they were at the hospital and in court he sat in school and passed his exams.

He had other problems like “his future, mapped out by his parents, was a mystery to him, alien. He had no real purpose of his own” .

So his parents had decided everything for him and that made him feel like he belonged nowhere Until one day after mosque when someone took him aside.

Even though this was a terrorist group this was probably the first time he really felt “accepted” and like he had a purpose”.

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