Assignment 1
Omskriv verballeddene i nedenstående tekststykke fra præteritum til præsens. Marker derefter de omskrevne verballed med fed skrift.

Assignment 2
Besvar opgave a, b, c og d med udgangspunkt i nedenstående tekst. Brug relevant grammatisk terminologi.

Assignment 3
Du er ansat i den skotske virksomhed Fitchpatrick & Sons, der fremstiller kvalitetstasker. I har modtaget en forespørgsel fra i London, der er på jagt efter nye designs af tasker til unge.

Assignment 4
Kiss, Analytical Essay

But does her mother guess anyway? She will wonder that, years later. And does she blame the girl?

For she reserves for the girl a strictness she never applies to her siblings, and a critical tartness of manner that makes the girl feel constantly stupid and dashed.

Though she does not like to admit it to herself, she does not want to think she is unlove d.

Fifteen years old, she sits on her mother's bed beside her mother as she gets ready to go to a function, her mother patting her own hair in the mirror, taking up her bangles and asks, Which one?

The girl is flattered to be asken and choose with care, a deep blue and a turquoise to go with the colours in her mother's kaftan, and her mother, pleased with the choice, drawing them onto her wrist. An intimate moment, for which the girl is glad.


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