Jollibee | Analysis | 12 i karakter

1.Market research.
- Jollibee's competitor research plan:
- Jollibee's consumers’ research plan:
2. Analyze Jollibee’s competitive strategy.
3. Analyze and discuss Jollibee’s growth strategies.
- Integration strategy:

When it comes to the research plan for Jollibee’s competitors, I would argue that they might have used the secondary research plan, meaning that they are doing desk research.

Here they would use the descriptive research objective, where they use both qualitative and quantitative approaches to describe the landscape of their competition in an objective and neutral way.

The reason for Jollibee to use both quantitative and qualitative research is that they can get the hard data such as numbers combined with more subjective observations from customers or stakeholders etc.

The combination is a productive way to get both points, for example, the quantitative research and internal research will put numbers on how Jollibee's competitors’ business is going through reports, sales data, etc.

The qualitative data or external data tells what customers think about the specific competitor and what they can do better etc.

The combination of both quantitative and qualitative data could give Jollibee a broader view of the competitive landscape and increase the accuracy and depth of the company’s knowledge of their competition.

This can be done through external databases and social media which in Jollibee's case would be the key to figure out how to be better than their competitors and how not to repeat their mistakes as well as to adapt to the things that went well for the competitors.

In this way, they learn the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, to find holes in the market. The types of data collection could then range in sources from annual reports and guidance reports from hired agencies to in-depth

unstructured interviews with current and potential customers. Here it is important to assess the validity and impartiality of the data, especially considering its source.

For example, an annual report cannot be considered an unbiased account of a company’s position, since the company making the report has certain interests in portraying themselves in a positive light and not giving away too much business-critical information.

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