“Jesse” by Joy Boothe | Engelsk Analyse

We all meet people with prejudices. In the southern states, the white people meet the black people with a lot of prejudices, but that change through the year, and the white learns that black lives matter likewise whites’ lives, and we learn to create our own personal opinions towards the people, black or white.

This is what we see in the short story “Jesse” writing by Joy Boothe, where the young white girl creates her own personal opinion about black people, even though it is another than she gets told at home.

Jesse is a story about how the narrator came to name her son Jesse. The story takes place over the course of 22 years. It begins when the narrator is five years old and ends when the narrator is 27 years old and pregnant with a son.

The story begins with her childish enmity towards the name Jesse accompanied by a story about her great uncle, who was a drunk man, which killed himself right in front of her Aunt Nanny.

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