Jesse by Joy Boothe | Analytical essay | Engelsk

When growing up, everyone experiences all sorts of challenges and different points that can change one’s view of everything.

For the narrator in “Jesse”, she has been affected by her family from early childhood, but whilst growing up and getting older, she learns more about herself and the world she is living in.

One person proves enough to change her view of the society, Jesse. The story was written by Joy Boothe and published in 2012 - a long time after the story actually takes place.

When Jesse loses his arm, Daddy feels a responsibility for Jesse and gets into a few fights with Mama about it. Daddy never recovers from having to cut Jesse’s arm off, and a few years later, he shoots Mama and himself.

The narrator explains that Granny does not want her to see Jesse, but one day she meets him, and he comforts her, telling her that he is earning enough money to live on and take care of all his children.

At the end, the narrator tells about her bust-ups with Granny and that she wants her baby to be named Jesse. The fact that Granny disapproves only makes her more certain about the name.

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