‘Jesse’ | Analysis of the short story

” Jesse” is an English short story, which is written by Joy Boothe, and it was published in 2012. The story spans over 22 years.

The story jumps from one year to another, the story has removed some years but is in a chronological order that makes it easier to follow along.

The whole family is Christians. The father works as a gluing foreman at the plywood mill. The father and the daughter attend church to be a good man, and he prays for his granddad and all the farmers in Alabama.

She prays for "Daddy" not to be sad because when he is sad, he gets mean if he is sad too long.

Her father has a friend at work called Jesse. Jesse and the father are good friends. Jesse visits them at home.

Jesse often makes the girl laugh and brings his happiness to their home. Jesse is a black man, and that means that he can’t come inside their home.

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