Jesse | Analysis | Joy Boothe | 10 i Karakter

In our society today, racial discrimination continues to be an issue. People have since the beginning of their life understood the term “racism”, but yet many people still choose to ignore the problems.

The way of treating a person less favorably because of his/her race or colour was way more violent and a bigger problem in the past.

The short story takes place in the southern USA. The setting in the story portrays how the stereotypical lifestyle was in the southern USA.

The story takes place from 1957 to 1979, which is 22 years apart. The family lives in the southern state of Alabama, which gives a big impression of racism in the story.

“He prays for Granddaddy, and all the farmers in Alabama” . We hear that the father is praying for the farmers in Alabama, which means that he must be living in Alabama.

In the time, where the story takes place, slavery had not ended yet. The slavery was worst in the southern states and since Alabama is a southern state, we know that slavery and racism are a part of the story.

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