Jem og Fix | Analysis | 10 i karakter

1. Briefly characterize the target group choice of Jem & Fix.
2. Analyze competition in the Danish market.
3. Assess the generic strategies and growth strategies of Jem & Fix.

Jem & Fix is a B2C market and looked at different factors, such as their market and overall the consumers in the market.

One thing Jem & Fix figured out was how Danes are price conscious and Jem & Fix used this information to get a wider target group.

Jem & Fix are focusing on the price, which gives them a cost advantage. Also, an important thing is how they advertise themselves in tv commercials and in catalogues, which is quite limited, as the catalogues in general is dropping.

We also get to know that Jem & Fix only sells their products to private costumers and are not marketing themselves towards the professionals.

Another important information we get is how they are adjusting their price compared to their competitors so they can be the cheapest.

This is something that Jem & Fix are doing quite often, such as every week. This means that Jem & Fix as a competitor reacts to the other competitors and are always looking toward the other brands.


We know that this market is B2C, which is the consumer market. Jem & Fix are trying to be the best in the construction market and are using their cost advantage to get them in top.

The competition has been intense, and it also says that there are a lot of players in the market if not too many.

They are looking at their competitors and are adjusting their different prices on their products so they can be the cheapest and avoid all unnecessary costs.

PriceRunner made a survey and explained how Jem & Fix are the cheapest and how beneficial savings can be over time.

Jem & Fix are cheapest but because of that they also have the lowest quality of the different competitors such as Bauhaus, Bygma, Stark, Silvan and XL byg as we see in this model below:

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