Is the American dream still alive | Essay | 10 i karakter

The idea of the American dream is deeply stuck in the American people’s minds. American people strongly believe that if you work hard enough for your dreams

you will one day reach the so-called American dream and therefore be successful. This vision surrounds freedom to prosper in life.

However, achieving the American dream is not a walk in the park, since it requires a lot of hard work, passion and determination and it somehow changes when the economy changes .

On a separate note, the American dream calls for happiness which comes as a result of achievement as an individual.

This means finding a new role and maybe welcoming a new business to the world. In fact, between June and September 2020 there has been nearly 1.4 million new-founded start-ups .

That is an example of the American people’s built-in determination and their refusal to fail even though the COVID-19 pandemic is raging around the world.

By that, we can see that the American dream is thriving even though the pandemic has and still is affecting the whole world.

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