Is the American Dream still alive? | Engelsk aflevering

Good evening everyone. My name is XX, and I am honored to be standing here tonight. You may or may not know me, but, like many of you I am also a student here at Johns Hopkins University. I am here tonight to present a speech on how the American Dream has changed over time.

Before I start my speech I would like to ask you a question. How do you define the American Dream? (Asking the crowd - and hearing different perspectives on what they think the American Dream is)

As you could hear, there are many different perspectives on what the American Dream is. The ‘’original’’ definition of the American Dream is the belief that everybody regardless of where they are born or what class they are from can achieve their own vision of success.

It is not accomplished by luck but through hard work, taking chances and the belief in achievement. Native-born Americans as well as immigrants can follow the American dream.

In the American Dream upward mobility is possible for everyone, and America's free enterprise system facilitates the circumstances that let people achieve more than just their basic needs.

The most common example of having achieved the American Dream is home ownership. The ability to own a piece of property instead of being a subject of the landlord, symbolises financial success and independence.

Other examples of having achieved the American Dream is to find a fulfilling career or starting a family.

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