“Is the American Dream really dead?” | Analyse

– “Is the American Dream really dead?”
– “USA now a nation or an idea”

What is the American dream? The American Dream is the belief that through hard work and willpower regardless of social class and like where you are in life, all citizens and immigrants in the United States can improve their lives.

The American Dream is achieved through sacrifice, taking risk, and hard work, rather than by chance. I truly think that it is such a beautiful mindset for people to have. In the 1920’s The American Dream started morphing to create a much better life and the wish to the desire to acquire material things.

Basically, the idea of the American dream is based on the United States Declaration of Independence which states that "all people are created equal".

It is very individually what the definition of “the American Dream” is for people.

The Deceleration of Independence of America was written in 1779. And the primary author was Thomas Jefferson, but the committee includes Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston too.

And in the historically context it was written to tell people why the colonies wanted to be free. In the text “USA now a nation or an idea”, there are several main ideas in the Declaration of Independence.

The first main idea is that all people have certain rights. These rights include the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These rights are called the unalienable rights.

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