Is the American Dream Becoming too materialistic?

The American Dream is more materialistic than ever. The good life has an impact on society and spending money is what people compare to the good life. In the “The High Price of Materialism1” we are told that Americans spend less time with their family and friends and more time looking at their phones and dreaming about objects that could perhaps give them happiness. The Commercialization on social media also plays a big role on how people act and how they spend their money.

But the American dream hasn’t always been as materialistic. In the past people came to achieve success in life. Freedom has always been a value and a part of an American and is one of the reasons that many Europeans moved to America. Today everything is different. Not that people don’t longer aspire these things. People just aspire so much more that it sometimes can get sad and terrifying what or who people have become.

The American dream has made people become more and more materialistic. In the “the High Price of Materialism2” they say this is because the individual thinks a lot of about themselves, buys new things to feel happier and more worthy of the community. But after the emotions where it is not new anymore. Then you buy something new again.

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