Is Animal Farm really about Animals | Essay

Animal Farm is a novel written by George Orwell is about a group of animals who are taking control of the farm they live on. The novel animal farm has a lot of symbols of the events of the Russian Revolution.

However, Boxer is not characterized as the most intelligent at first, because he has a hard time trying to learn more than four letters of the alphabet and in general it seems like he eager to accept the propaganda delivered by the pigs, mainly Napoleon.

Boxer accepts the new explanation of events after Napoleon takes over. Although Boxer is more critical against the last half of the novel.

For example, he is one of the only one’s animals who is questioning some of the stories Napoleon and Squealer tell later.

Unfortunately, Boxer is dying tragically, because of overwork he is collapsing to death, and after Napoleon is betraying him by sending him to a horse butcher when he pretended to send him to a veterinarian.

There is a lot of foreshadowing in Animal farm, for instance in the opening chapter most of the plot’s main events are.

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