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India is an interesting country in many ways, as it is one of the largest growing economies in the world, but still face fundamental problems such as child labor, unemployment, and a failing school system.

India sees big prosperity in their economy as India’s GDP growth in 2014 was a stunning 7,4% . Compared to other countries are India’s economy getting closer and closer to China.

But how does India achieve these numbers, while half of India’s nine-year-olds cannot do a sum as simple as eight plus nine, and half of their ten-year-olds cannot read a paragraph meant for seven-year-olds .

By giving the youth a chance to acquire an education, keeps them occupied from other negatives such as crime and the gang environment. This strategy has led to a higher employment rate than earlier for younger people.

Even though this might sound like a positive outcome, the reality is far from what it seems. The higher employment rate also includes all the child labor that is currently happening in India and is therefore, a misleading statistic.

The most common work for children in India is the so-called sweatshops, that are usually run by big cooperation’s with no minimum wage for their workers or affiliates.

This implies that even though, the children of India have options to study and acquire an education, the simplest way out of poverty is to take a low wage job, with almost no requirements and a minimal wage .

As mentioned earlier, India invests in how accessible an education is to the teenagers in India. The problem is that the Indian teenagers does not consider an education as work

and would instead prioritize a low wage job, first of all to survive and also make some money, so they are able to provide for themselves and their family.

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